3 Must-Have A Tribe Called Quest Remix Projects


Today marks the 24th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s sophomore album (and undisputed classic) The Low End Theory. From the implosive thump of “Check The Rhyme” to the anthemic group think of  “Scenario” the impact of The Low End Theory on hip-hop of the 90s and beyond is undeniable.

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While the influence of the album can be found in subtle homages in both verse and beat, some of the most deft tributes have come from those who have dared to re-imagine it and other Tribe compositions. With the upcoming reissue and more remixes to come, here are three that you should load onto your hard drive ASAP.

The Are “Manipulated Marauders” (2007)

Houston producer The Are takes each track from MM and sends them through a Star Trek transporter; separating the molecules and reassembling them on the the other side in a reconstituted instrumental offspring with a distinct feel of its own.

Gummy Soul “Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To The Pharcyde” (2012)

Producers Amerigo Gazaway and DJ Wally Clark, formerly known as Gummy Soul, took what The Are did a step further by not only recreating the Tribe instrumentals with the original source samples, but blending them with vocals from The Pharcyde to create a one-of-a-kind mash-up.  The recreation was so popular that it attracted the suits at Sony, who issued a cease and desist. But if you do your Googles it’s not hard to still find a copy on the inter webs.

Nappy DJ Needles and Ghetto Blastic “A Tribe Called Kast” (2013)

This genius blend project marries two of the greatest groups of all time in a dream collab. Outkast lyrics are matched up with various instrumentals  from People’s Instinctive Travels, MM and Low End Theory and it sounds as amazing in real life as it does on paper.

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