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Raekwon Explains Biggie Diss From Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Raekwon was recently up at Sway In The Morning, and during the interview they talked about a whole bunch of topics, from Wu-Tang’s unique early label deal structure to Rae’s recognition of Nas’s talent before “Verbal Intercourse.”

Perhaps most interesting is the part where Raekwon discusses Ghostface’s diss to Biggie on “Shark Biters” from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (around 13:00). “If Big woulda did the baby picture first, we woulda felt that way about Nas,” said Rae. “[Ghost] had a point, even though he said it the way he said it. Because we knew at the time it was only a certain legion of New York MCs that was winning back then, so to see one of your favorites emulate somebody else, I guess that’s how Ghost felt.” Rae also says he’s never talked about it with Puff.

Watch the whole interview above.

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