Vinyl Is Worth More Than YouTube, Spotify, & Vevo Combined In The US


The vinyl record has made a huge comeback over the last few years. Vinyl sales have been steadily increasing since last year, and according to What Hi-Fi, the market for physical records has eclipsed free streaming services.

LP sales have increased by 52% and now make up 30% of all physical units shipped this year. Even though vinyl only has a grip of 7% of the overall market, it was still enough to put free streaming services to shame. Paid services like Spotify Premium and Apple Music didn’t factor into the equation, but this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that vinyl records are here to stay. RIAA CEO Cary Sherman is uneasy about this news, saying in his column: “When vinyl records, which peaked in the 1960s and ’70s, generate more revenue for the industry in 2014 than the billions of ad-supported on-demand streams on YouTube and similar services, something is fundamentally wrong with the market.”

To us, it has less to do with the market than it does with the model. If vinyl is in demand, then maybe labels and investors should be pooling their money toward more pressing plants and advertisements. As long as we can listen to quality records on high quality wax and as long as DJing still exists, vinyl isn’t going anywhere.

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