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Young Thug Says 90% Of His Clothes Are For Women


When I read this interview on another site earlier today, I couldn’t quite believe it was real, but yes, GQ interviewed Young Thug, and his attitude is so brash it might come as a surprise.

Asked if he tried to kill Lil Wayne, he says “fuck no,” but then says, “I feel like if [Lil Wayne] had the chance to be himself or me, he’d be me.” When asked about Drake vs. Meek, he simply quips, “Tough month for Drake, tough life for the other guy.” And of course, when asked about his wardrobe, he casually says, “Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s” because he needs a slimmer fit. Barter 6 might not have fared very well sales-wise and may he absent from the charts right now, but he’s still the most fascinating guy in hip-hop right now.

The interview is filled with little gems like that. Read the whole thing here and watch his new video for “Power” below.


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