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Flying Lotus Wants To Tour With Shabazz Palaces And Thundercat


Flying Lotus surprised the music world yesterday when Adult Swim Singles revealed that his new song didn’t feature just him, but Seattle hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces and bassist extraordinaire Thundercat as a supergroup called WOKE. The song, “The Lavishments of Light Looking,” is a jazz/rap head trip of a track featuring Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton, but during an interview with Pitchfork, Lotus revealed that WOKE isn’t a one-off project; it’s an idea that was born out of a screenplay written by Lotus and some “screenwriter friends” of his, starring Palaces’ Ishmael Butler and producer Jeremiah Jae (who’s also involved with WOKE) that eventually turned musical. Check out some highlights from the rest of the interview and read the whole thing here.

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Apparently, the name WOKE is literal:

“The script has a lot to do with dreams and stuff and astral experiences, so the title just kinda fit.”

On “Lavishments” and working with Ishmael Butler:

“That song is one of the first songs that we came up with, Ishmael and myself. He flew into L.A. and stayed at my house for a few days; we knocked out a bunch of ideas, and this was the one that I just kinda started building out… This was the first one that we just had to follow through on, and Ish works really fast. He gets all of his ideas out really fast and he was pretty much waiting on me to do my verse for a very long time, because it takes me forever to get into the headspace and vocals. For him, it’s like nothing.”

Lotus may even want to take the project on tour:

“To be honest, I hope so. The whole point of doing it this way was we were like, let’s just see what happens if we put this one out there, see if people fuck with it, see if people want this to continue. If that’s the case, yeah, we’ve already been talking about how awesome it would be.”

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