Petey Pablo Let Terrence Howard Hold $200 And Now He’s On Empire [VIDEO]

Terrence Petey

Generosity is almost always a good look. Just ask Petey Pablo, North Carolina emcee/CEO of independent label Carolina Music Group. During an interview with WRAL, Pablo revealed that during the premiere of 2005’s Hustle & Flow, he loaned star Terrence Howard $200 when he lost all of his credit cards and ID, and Howard recently decided to pay his friend back.

Not only did he ask for his address so he could send out a $200 check, but he wanted Pablo to come work on the gargantuan hit show Empire. “He told me ‘there’s something I want to bring to this Empire element that I can’t find anywhere else. You have that, and I need it,’ Pablo remembered. That night, he wrote four songs for Howard’s character Luscious Lyon and even came on to the set as an extra in the second season premiere.

A RISE TO GREATNESS!! @theterrencehoward @terrencehowarddaily @terrencehowardsource My Friend my Brother saying thank you just doesn’t feel like enough let me do a little more brain storming and I’ll tell you when I pull the words together!! Now! To the whole #empire cast this opportunity has given me the platform to rise higher than I could’ve ever imagined!! A tremendous shoutout to all My friends fans and Family for your constant belief in me you’re one of the real reasons I never quit!!! GOD YOU KNOW WE’VE BEEN TALKING ALL DAY, BUT I GOT SOMETHING ELSE TO TELL YOU IN THE MORNING CAN YOU DIG IT!!! #p#peteypablo #blessedbythebest #wow #lookatme #love #life #happiness #hardwork #yessir #youfeelme #yes #hot #boss #inspiration #northcarolina #southcarolina #worldwide #International #sbl #Silverbacklife #innergorillamusicgroup #canyoudigit

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