Watch Tyler The Creator Flee An Angry Mob And Play Soul Music In “Buffalo” Visual [VIDEO]

However you may feel about his music, Tyler The Creator has an eye for directing music videos. Tyler’s latest visual for Cherry Bomb track “Buffalo” sees Tyler, painted white from head to toe, being chased by an angry mob of people before abruptly cutting to a vibed-out Soul Train homage of a video for the jazzy “Find Your Wings.” Tyler culling members of The Internet (lead singer Syd Tha Kid, keyboardist Jameel Bruner) and producer Left Brain proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the former OF members are on good terms.

Fans and critics alike have already started tossing opinions around. Some feel like “Buffalo” might be a sequel video to “Yonkers” because they respectively end and begin with Tyler hanging from a noose, while others posit that Tyler being chased by the mob (made up entirely of black people) only to wipe his face clean and reveal that he’s Black too is his way of reacting to the UK recently banning him from entering the country. Either way, Tyler (who directed this video under his Wolf Haley pseudonym) is a real talent behind the camera and need to get on turning Wolf into a short film like he promised two years ago.

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