Mac Miller’s 7 Best Beats Under His Alias Larry Fisherman


Mac Miller just released a critically acclaimed album GO:OD AM, and this Thursday we’re putting him in the same room with Elliott Wilson for the latest edition of CRWN. But besides being one of the most popular young rappers out right now, he’s also been producing for years under an alias: Larry Fisherman. And dare we say, his beats might be even better than his raps.

The first beat he ever made was for Ab-Soul on an MPC, but his production really started ramping up when he got close with Vince Staples, one of the illest rappers to come out in recent years. In fact, for the longest time Vince was resistant to rapping, so Mac started making beats to give to Vince so the LBC rapper wouldn’t have to go very far to spit. That’s how their collab tape Stolen Youth tape came about.

Mac’s production style is rough, as he’s something of an amateur. He picked up little things from watching in-houses producers E. Dan and Big Jerm over the years, but the lack of gloss is part of the appeal his production holds. So in anticipation of CRWN, we decided to give you a sampler of Larry Fisherman’s best beats.

Choo Jackson – Soul Food (2012)

Emotive acoustic guitars can make a good beat great, and Mac’s varied drum programming throughout the song keeps this from being boring.

Mac Miller – Diablo (2014)

Hard to lose when you sample “In A Sentimental Mood.”

Vince Staples – Guns and Roses (2013)

This was the first leak from Stolen Youth and it immediately communicated how effective Vince’s stark raps were over Mac’s bleak beats.

Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs – Boat Races (2013)

Boldy James and Freddie Gibbs work best over bare bones beats, so that’s what Mac gives ’em.

Mellowhigh – MellowHigh (2013)

Larry has an ear for samples and  anytime you can flip Portishead the right way, you’ve won.

Bill – Camp Fire (2014)

Mac also knows when to use the right drum kit and here the plodding percussion strengthens the song’s mood.

Nzomza – Tell Me A Lie (2013)

With its wash of bass and synth, this is unlike anything else Mac has ever produced.

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