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Woman Believes Don Trip’s “Lil Homie” Details The Murder Of Her Daughter


Earlier this year, we reviewed Don Trip’s Godspeed, his latest album. We had no idea one of the songs from that project would come to be considered as potential evidence in a child murder case.

Joyce Stokes believes that the song “Lil Homie” details the death of her 15-year-old daughter Cateria, who was shot and killed while sleeping at home in Memphis this past April. The mother believes several details in the song line up with what happened to Cateria, especially when Trip says, “Just made the news, said we just shot a baby,” and later, “Shootin’ shit in broad day and hit some kid while she nappin’.”

Stokes also claims that Don Trip, who is from Memphis, went to high school with one of her sons.

Since the claims have surfaced, Trip has been outspoken on Twitter about how the accusations are false. He decided to write a Tumblr post addressing the allegations, and in that post he offers a detailed breakdown of the song’s lyrics as proof that the story is false.

“Read the story they’ve accused me of,” writes Trip. “Use the timeline. Can you put this story together in real life? I doubt that you can. So before you go “reposting” and offering your opinion of me, find some facts.”

Police are aware of the song and are apparently investigating. Hear “Lil Homie” below.


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