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Dee-1 Recalls Tragic True Story In New Video “My Student Got Murdered” [VIDEO]

Words by (@SkyyhookRadio)

After one of his recent shows, I sat down with our homie Dee-1, and asked him point blank about the song that he had just given a crazy dope performance to entitled “My Student Got Murdered.”

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In our chat Dee-1 (or as his former students call him,”Mr. Augustine,”) explained that the story was indeed true and he regaled a tale about two of his former students that he knew very well. Back home in Augustine’s native New Orleans, one student died at the hands of the other student. While out on the road Dee-1 received a chilling call telling him about what happened and his response to the senselessness of the situation was to verbalize his feelings in song.

Take a look at this powerful new video for “My Student Got Murdered” directed by Colin Pierce and try to remember that this song is not some made up jibberish…it’s real.

In the visual, Dee-1 illustrated the fate of two students that he previously taught in a very poignant way in hopes of creating a thought provoking conversation piece giving insight into the many young lives that are being taken with violence in today’s world. The larger message in this visual is much deeper than something that can be limited to a single incident. Job very well done.
You can download the “My Student Got Murdered” track (produced by Jaymison Beverly) off of his 3’s Up EP here.

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