THE NEXT EPISODE: How Heather B Gets Your Girl To Drink Hennessy

Heather B. Gardner is a study in artistic evolution. The MC and radio personality first became a fixture in American homes as part of the inaugural cast of MTV’s longstanding reality series, “The Real World.”  The New York native was learning the music ropes from KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions when TV producers invited her to live with a house full of strangers and allow it to be filmed to television. It was a novel idea in 1992 and spawned a cottage industry which has supplanted scripted television in many markets.

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After her “Real World” tenure was up Heather released her debut album Takin Mine in 1996, which featured the single “All Glocks Down.” She released her second album, Eternal Affairs in 2002 and has parlayed her music career into commercials, film and radio. Since 2012 she has been a co-host of “Sway In The Morning” on Sirius Satellite Radio and recently launched her own website and Youtube channel, TheHappyHourWithHeatherB.com teaching people how to entertain at home.

“As a birthday gift my best friend gave me a mixology course as a gift,” Heather tells WatchLOUD.com. “I got certified then called Sway to say I wanted to bartend in NY. Hook me up and I’ll do it for free. I just want to learn how to bartend professionally.”

So Heather sharpened her mixing skills at Harlem hotspots like Melba’s becoming a bit of a local legend.

“At Sip and MElba’s people would whisper about me but ‘My gosh I feel sorry for her. She’s bartending now’ but that’s the lesson about assuming. In this food and beverage industry you have to know what’s going on. I was up there studying.”

Now Heather keeps her gatherings festive with her signature Sangria, Rum Punch and Pink Hennessy.

“I found that people didn’t really know how to entertain at home. It’s expensive to go out with 10 or 12 people, so I wanted to provide a website where people could learn how to make drinks at home.  All of my drink recipes are five minutes and I can hook you up!”

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