Eddie Murphy Rips On Bill Cosby At Mark Twain Prize Ceremony [VIDEO]

Eddie Murphy’s been fairly quiet since A Thousand Words came and went at the box office back in 2012. He’s been hinting at some sort of comeback in the three years since, and he let loose with some Bill Cosby-related heat at the Kennedy Center this past weekend.

“Bill has one of these,” Murphy slyly remarked after he stepped up on stage to accept the prestigious Mark Twain Prize. In the wake of decades-old rape allegations building against Cosby, who’s been losing honorary degrees and supporters seemingly by the day, Murphy asked “Did y’all make Bill give his back?” He went off on an impression of Cosby that ended with a scowl and (probably) a phone call from Lorne Michaels asking Murphy why he didn’t do that during SNL’s 40th anniversary special. Check it out above.


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