Jay Z And Timbaland Have Been Cleared In The “Big Pimpin” Case


Jay Z and Timbaland have been entangled in a court battle over a sample used in their eternal club banger “Big Pimpin'” for the better part of 8 years, but the trial officially came to a close today.

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The Associated Press reports that the case, brought about by the nephew of Baligh Hamdi – the artist whose song “Khosara Khosara” was sampled by Timbo and was allegedly improperly credited – was thrown out by the judge before it could even reach a jury. Both Jay and Timbo testified in court last week, where Jay pointed out that the issue had originally been cleared up when “Khosara Khosara” was added in the liner notes for “Vol. 3…Life and Times of S. Carter.” “At some point there was a claim for it, and it was cleared up,” Jay said. “The rights were granted…we have a license to use the song.”


“Big Pimpin” lives on…

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