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Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To Starlito’s “Passed The Present”

lito gates

Update: Starlito said he fell asleep while uploading the mixtape last night. It’s now available on his Bandcamp for $2. Looks like it’s all freestyles over Future beats. Check it out below.

Starlito’s music is so real, I often have to take long breaks from listening to it. It doesn’t offer me any respite from the harsh realities of life, but the impact of his raps is a testament to his place as one of the most powerful MCs out right now.

Last night he released a new song called “Passed The Present,” which features a verse over (a remake of) the beat from Drake and Future’s “Live From The Gutter.” But once his verse ends, the song dips in and out of a couple different beats, with Lito dropping lines here and there before the song ends with a quote from Future about being inspired. It’s mysterious, and seems to be part of a “concept tape” that Lito has planned.

Whatever he’s got coming, we’re here for it. Introversion is still getting spins (when I have the mental fortitude) so take a listen to the new track below and catch up on Lito if you aren’t already familiar.

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