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GrandeMarshall Is Alive And Actually Releasing My Brother’s Keeper

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Last month I was making a playlist of all of GrandeMarshall’s recent songs, partly because I love the stuff he’s released this year and partly because I had lost all faith we were getting My Brother’s Keeper anytime soon. Today he proved me wrong.

The North Philly rapper signed to Fool’s Gold Records has let loose a new single, “Never Change,” to announce the official release date for his long-awaited My Brother’s Keeper, his third full-length project after 800 and Mugga ManTo my delight, he’s including incredible songs like “Pull Up’s Theme,” “The Formula,” and “Make It Count,” but not “Jeezy Voice 2.” Win some, lose some.

Hear the new single below and pre-order My Brother’s Keeper here before it drops November 20, plus check out Grande’s Soundcloud for top-notch tunes. Or just spin our playlist of his best recent tracks below.

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