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Pharrell Says He’s “Not Comfortable” When Asked To Read Music Notes In Blurred Lines Deposition

Last week the video of Pharrell’s deposition from the “Blurred Lines” trial was leaked to the public, and the footage shows a lawyer badgering Skateboard P about whether or not he can read music. The first part (above) goes something like this: the lawyer asks Pharrell if he can read music, and he says yes. The lawyer asks if Pharrell can write music, and he says no.

Then the lawyer directs Pharrell to look at a couple musical notes and name what they are. Pharrell looks at the piece of paper for about 30 seconds in complete silence, and then simply says, “I’m not comfortable with this.” The lawyer continues to ask him what the notes are, and all P will say is, “I’m not comfortable.” The lawyer asks P to turn to a different set of pages and name a separate group of notes, but again he can’t do it. “And that’s because you actually can’t read musical notes, can you?” asks the lawyer.

Watch the footage above, and catch two more clips below.



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