White Alabama Teacher Dresses Up In Blackface As Kanye West

kanye blackface

White people just can’t help themselves, and today we bring you the latest edition of White People Being Needlessly Ignorant For Their Own Entertainment.

The latest specimen is Heath Morrow, a white fifth grade teacher in Alabama who dressed up as Kanye West – in full blackface – for an early edition of Halloween with his wife, Shannon, as Kim Kardashian.

The New York Daily News reports that the couple, after initially posting the above picture to Facebook, took it down and apologized for their “error in judgement.”

“I didn’t know dressing up as a celebrity couple would cause so much controversy,” Shannon told the Daily News. “There was no malicious intent in this costume. It’s for HALLOWEEN, the one time a year it is okay.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, she added, “Some of my husband’s best friends are black. There was no racial intent whatsoever.” Haven’t heard that one before.

The Decatur City Board of Education was apparently made aware of the incident and met on Monday (Oct. 26) to discuss the matter. Morrow wrote them a letter of apology in which he explained, “I wasn’t raised or taught that way and do not raise my children that way. I see people for who they are, and my wife and I go out of our way to help anyone we can in my profession as an educator. When deciding to dress up for a Halloween party, my wife and I made a decision based on celebrities and the political climate today.”

It’s news to us that in 2015, the “political climate” is set for white people to continue their offensive tradition of blackface. What a moron.

Decatur City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols told those at the meeting that he was saddened by Morrow’s actions. No disciplinary consequences were mentioned.

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