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Listen To Mike Dean’s Guitar-Heavy Remix Of Kanye’s “Tell Your Friends” Beat


UPDATE 2: Mike just dropped another trippy instrumental, “Weed Dabs Weed Dabs.” Hear it below.

UPDATE: Mike Dean drops yet another instrumental track, this time entirely original and involving equal parts DJ Screw and electronic distortion. Hear Molly” below.

Mike Dean is a special dude, if you couldn’t tell from the dope ass remixes he’s done over the years, or the production he did for Rap-A-Lot records, or the work he’s done for Kanye West. In fact, Dean’s latest creation is a remix of Kanye’s “Tell Your Friends” beat that he gave to Weeknd, and it’s just what we needed.

To accompany the remix, Mike Dean went on KanyeToThe and asked users whether he should do an album “half with featured vocalists and half instrumentals and vocoder shit,” to which we say, obviously you stoner. We also hear rumors that he’s executive producing the next Freddie Gibbs album, but more on that at a later date. For now, hear his dope ass “Tell Your Friends” remix below.

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