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Vince Staples Likes 90s Music More Than You Think He Does

Vince Staples GGN

Vince Staples is a rapper with some incredibly divisive opinions. Yesterday (October 27), Time Magazine published an interview where he calls the 90s overrated and shares his love for 2000s hip-hop, but at the same time acknowledges that people’s vastly different experiences and tastes are what fashion their respective likes and dislikes.

Naturally, the internet only heard “90s RAP SUCKS” and proceeded to bombard the Long Beach, CA rapper with claims that he’s disrespecting the era of music that “birthed” his style, to which he replied:

Fans and critics alike are quick to claim that Staples’ behavior is irreverent, but the nuanced opinions that are being ignored in the Time video shine a little brighter after watching his GGN interview with Snoop Dogg. Also published yesterday, Staples sat down with Uncle Snoop to talk about his origins in music, his Long Beach pride, and some dream collaborations. “Pharrell, definitely. Because you know that was the sound when we was comin’ up,” Staples said when asked what producer he’d like to work with, but he’s also got love for G-funk producer BattleCat: “He was one of the first people to give me beats.”

Asked who he’d like to work with dead or alive, Staples answered “Nate Dogg,” while Redman and Method Man were his choice for live performers dead or alive he’d like to see. So settle down, internet, and remember that these publications will troll each and every one of you for clicks.


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