Luigi Finally Gives Mario A Piece Of His Mind [VIDEO]

It’s been almost thirty years since Luigi joined his brother Mario (so why was the first game called Mario Bros anyway?) in Nintendo game stardom. But after all of these years of playing second fiddle, this hard working plumber has had enough.

In this sketch by comedian Mike Brown (@yomikebrown) for the popular “Comedy Outliers” series, the world finally gets to hear everything Luigi has been holding in the pockets of his green jump suit.

“This n*gga got galaxies, he got worlds, he got 3-D worlds, all I got is a haunted mansion. That’s fucked up,” he says before turning to Princess Peach. “And we always savin’ this one, she don’t know what she doin, f*ckin around in the garden with Bowser.”

Watch the full hilarious clip above and check out Mike Brown’s web series “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” on Youtube.

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