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Pharrell’s “Frontin” Was Originally Meant For This Mega Superstar

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Earlier this week, Pharrell kicked off his artist residence at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a live-streaming discussion for NPR. He talked about how he got his start with Teddy Riley, the trip to Brazil that inspired Kelis’ “Milkshake,” his obsession with the Native Tongues, and a lot more.

Towards the end, he rattled off a couple crazy anecdotes. “Frontin” was originally intended for Prince, but when he sent it to the superstar he never heard back. LL Cool J’s “Luv U Better” also came out of sessions for Tupac.

When asked about pitching himself to labels to get signed early in his career, Pharrell revealed he once jumped on Lyor Cohen’s desk (like Bobby Shmurda did at Epic last year). He also said he once rapped for Chris Lighty for so long, Lighty just started talking over his rapping.

Watch the enlightening conversation right here.

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