Watch Freddy Kruger Ether Jason Voorhes In This “Back To Back” Parody

Ever since Drake dropped “Back To Back” back in July, parody diss tracks have been circulating the internet. Just in time for Halloween, The Merkins have dropped a killer-to-killer parody; Jason Voorhes (Friday The 13th)  is talking smack on Twitter (“[Freddy] don’t even kill his own victims! That’s why he ain’t tweet my movie”) and Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) had enough, so he goes *in*.

“Very important with scary intentions/When they look back, they won’t be mad it was Freddy vs. Jason,” Freddy quips while dropping bars on a hog-tied Voorhes. Check out the fire from Hell’s favorite killer above and have a Happy Halloween!

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