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Polish Stan Builds Epic Eminem Sculpture

What a time to be alive. An Eminem fan from Poland was so inspired by Slim Shady, he decided to craft a sculpture of the Detroit rapper’s likeness as a gift in return.

23 year old Aleksander Walijewski is a graphic design and advertising student at the Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce, Poland, who seems to wear the Stan badge with honor. “I was inspired by him performing at concerts, and from the beginning I knew that this pose (that I presented in sculpture) would be perfect because it’s dynamic and full of energy, just like him on stage,” he said. “I also wanted to show the focus and tension on his face, it’s like one of those moments when he looks at the crowd that is screaming his name.”

After making five busts in high school, Walijewski took a shot at Eminem, spending fifty hours on the sculpture in his off-time. He first made it in clay, and then finished it with gypsum casting to make it permanent. He hopes one day Eminem will see it.

Check out photos of the bust below.




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