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Kanye West and Jay Z Have Some Very Strange Requests On Their Tour Riders

jay ye

As two of the biggest stars in hip-hop, it’s no surprise Kanye West and Jay Z have some weird, OCD requests while on tour. TMZ has gotten ahold of their individual riders, which include hotel accommodations, and naturally Kanye demands all vases that are not cylindrical to be removed from his room. He also needs all-black towels and a rare studio monitor – the Genelecs 1031a.

Jay, on the other hand, doesn’t want to hear any vacuuming near his floor, and he bans anyone from asking for concert tickets “to avoid embarrassment.” He also demands three $80 tuberose-scented candles as well as having the entire suite “baby-proofed” for Blue Ivy.

We can only imagine what the staffs of places like the Mercer Hotel and the Tribeca Grand Hotel must have gone through while Yeezy and Jay recorded Watch The Throne.

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