Rockness On Making Of Sean Price Tribute, “Da Streets Want Blood” [VIDEO]

On August 8th 2015 the hip-hop world at large, and the Brooklyn music scene specifically, lost one of their greatest lyrical pugilists in Sean Price aka Ruck. The native of Brownsville, who was one half of Heltah Skeltah and one third of Random Axe, died in his sleep at the age of 43. Other than his wife Bernadette and his three children, his death hit one person probably harder than anyone, his rhyme partner Rockness Monsta.

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Today Rock is debuting the video for his tribute to Sean Price, a cathartic warriors chant produced by Hellz YEA, “Da Streets Want Blood.”

“This is the realest sh*t I ever wrote, and I’ve wrote some real sh*t,” says Rock. “In my world and realm of people, the f*ckin Earth shattered the day P died. After I wrote ‘Da Streets Want Blood’ I couldn’t write anymore. I did not want to feel what I felt again while I wrote that. And I cheated on [that song]. I masked my sad with mad…I took that route. The mask didn’t stay up [though]. You might not hear it but when I listen to it I hear my voice cracking in the booth.”

The anger Rock speaks manifests into a visceral hook which boldly claims “On the strength of my nigga P/ we don’t want to hear that he died in his sleep sh*t.” It’s a kind of a Viking-esque logic where the transition of a man of Sean’s stature should be anything but quiet. The thought took form when Rock was mourning in the lobby of his old building with friends of he and Sean’s, dedicated soldiers of the Old Brooklyn streets who yearned for someplace or someone to channel their pain.

“You wish you could be mad at somebody but you can’t be mad at nobody…Dudes was on edge,” says Rock. “You couldn’t even say the wrong thing to nobody in Brownsville. I remember back in the day when Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas a Brownsville n*gga would smacked the sh*t outta you for talking crazy about a Mike loss. So imagine this Mic Tyson—Sean P—not a fight loss, a LIFE loss…dudes were like ‘Boy I wish you would say something crazy!’ That’s how we felt at that point. The streets want blood. So those words kept echoing in my head until seven days later I went into the studio and recorded it.”

Watch our video of Rock talking about the song above and watch the video to “Da Streets Want Blood” below.


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