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Ghostface Killah Was Supposed to Be On This Song From Jay Z’s Dynasty Album

Jay Z and Ghost Face

Remember how TIDAL said they were gonna incorporate editorial content into the service? And then no one gave a shit? That might have been why nobody picked up this incredible article over the weekend.

On Saturday (Oct. 31) Jay Z’s Dynasty: Roc La Familia album turned 15, and the OG Toshitaka Kondo spoke to Bink!, Lenny S, Hip-Hop, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway for an incredible piece on 23 things you didn’t know about the album.

Here’s an early gem: Ghostface Killah was supposed to be on “Can’t Be Life,” but due to some miscommunication Lenny S didn’t get to Ghost before the deadline to turn the album in. Imagine Ghost getting all emotional on that beat. It would’ve been incredible.

Other jewels include how Bink! cleared the Moments sample on “You, Me, Him, and Her,” how The Neptunes recorded two classics for two different artists in one night, and how Beanie Sigel gave away a guest feature slot on a pivotal song from the album.

Read the whole piece right here. You won’t be disappointed.

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