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Fresh Out Of Jail, Jabbar Wastes No Time Dropping His Out On Bond EP


Last month, we had two of the four Lousy Human Bastards – Snubnose Frankenstein and MitchGoneMad – up to the office to talk about their long-awaited return to music. One member of the group, Seawright, wasn’t in NYC yet, but the fourth member Jabbar wasn’t going to make it at all. He was incarcerated at the time of our interview.

Last week, however, they let his ass out, and today he promptly released a brand new five-track EP called Out On Bond. Snubnose produced three tracks, while Mitch did one and Rakim Sirrah did another. Jabbar’s subject matter doesn’t stray that far from what many consider to be trap music, but it’s his phrasing, observational prowess, and constant changing of flows – let alone the production – that separate him from the pack. He’s not planning on going back to jail, either: “My lil’ cousin got tossed in the dungeon / And I ain’t going back, regardless of nothin.”

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