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Jay Z Spits Never Before Heard Bars In Unreleased Tim Westwood Freestyle

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The year is 1999, and Jay Z’s profile is blooming in the wake of “Hard Knock Life,” his biggest hit to date. He’s set to release Vol. 3…Life And Times of S. Carter in December, so he takes a trip across the pond and hits the legendary Tim Westwood for a freestyle session:

Going over classic beats, Jay recycles bars from “Do It Again,” “Come And Get Me,” and “NYMP” for the most part. But towards the end it sounds like he might be going off the dome, or just spitting lyrics that never hit wax. “Poppin Chrissy, buck 60 through the Gothic City,” he says before bigging up Scarface and Juvenile. The best line, however, comes near the end when he says, “I’m just coming to terms with the night they killed Biggie / And I sold five million records, damn I’m pretty.”

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