Jay Z Thought DMX’s Music Was Too Depressing

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Last Week Complex dropped their latest “Magnum Opus” episode about the making of Ja Rule’s “Put It On Me.” By far, the best part of the video was Irv Gotti talking about how he butted heads with Lyor Cohen, then the head of Def Jam, about the pop sound of Ja’s Rule 3:36 album.

Now they’re gearing up to drop more footage from their interview with Irv in a five-part series called Jewels From Irv Gotti, and the first episode is about how almost everybody at Def Jam fronted on DMX at first.

“First meeting I ever had, I was like we gotta sign DMX, and they laughed at me,” remembers Irv. “Jay and Dame did not believe in DMX. Jay would be like, ‘You think he’s better than me?'” Irv told him there were more people in the hood like X than like Hov, but Hov thought X’s music was too depressing.

Irv also had it out with Lyor, who sarcastically asked, “Who’s gonna buy his records? Chihuahuas? He’s barking.” Irv says he used to tell Lyor to “shut the fuck up” in the middle of Def Jam meetings, and according to Gotti, he would.

Watch the whole video above. Irv is always compelling to watch.

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