VERSE BEHAVIOR: Joe Budden On What It Means To Be “Immortal”

For the past year WatchLOUD.com has had the pleasure of bringing you the detailed thoughts and inspirations behind the lyrics in some of the newest music via our column “Verse Behavior.” Everyone from Tonedeff, Rapsody and Mad Skillz to Black Rob and Add-2 has deconstructed lyrics from their latest releases for us. Now we’ve given the column the visual treatment starting with the lyrically prolific Joe Budden. The Jersey MC just released the video to his single “Immortal,” from his new album All Love Lost.

“The song ‘Immortal’ was one of the first that I recorded for this project and it just dealt with a bevy of different thoughts,” Budden tells WatchLOUD. “The song acted as a stream of consciousness I guess you could say. The verse, the way it opens up, I think that’s where I was at the time: What if the hunger was missing, what if the passion was gone? That’s a passing thought amongst fellow MCs I’ve spoken to. Sometimes it starts to feel more like work.”

With a catalogue that stretches back to 2003 and a reputation for having a seemingly endless supply of bars, does Budden in fact feel immortal?

“Yes and no. Yeah, because your words will live on far longer than we will, you and I. We gotta go at some point. But no, it’s the contradiction where one minute you will feel immortal and in one changing second you can feel as vulnerable as ever and be faced with that kind of paranoia.”

Watch the full interview above and the video for “Immortal” below.

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