White Boiz (Krondon + Shafiq Husayn) Are “Farrakhan Meets Flying Lotus”


Blackness is a theme stitching together many of this year’s best hip-hop albums, from Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar to GoldLink and Paris, and why shouldn’t it be? Race relations continue to be one of the most hot-button issues in the country that doesn’t have an easy solution, and celebrities and citizens alike are taking to the frontline to sound off about it.

White Boiz On Making Neighborhood Wonderful And The Movie Whiteboyz

MC Krondon and producer Shafiq Husayn have come together to form White Boiz, whose album Neighborhood Wonderful, out via Stones Throw Records, is a sweeping story wrapped around a gut punch steeped in racial politics and spirituality. Krondon, who’s been rolling with the group Strong Arm Steady since 2003, knew he wanted to work with Husayan, one third of the hip-hop/jazz outfit Sa-Ra Creative Partners, after he had released his album En A-Free-Ka back in 2009.

White Boiz On The Song “G.U.N. (God Understands Niguhs)” And Reactions To Black Lives Matter

Even considering Strong Arm Steady’s In Search Of Stoney Jackson collaboration with Madlib, some might be confused by Shafiq and Kron deciding to come together now, but Kron and the record speak for themselves: “If you do your homework, if you look at some of [Shafiq’s] solo stuff leading up to this and some of mine, you’ll find us on there…as a sort of hint to those that are paying attention,” Kron told us in an exclusive interview.

White Boiz On Hip-Hop’s Generational Gap

The production across Neighborhood Wonderful has a more lo-fi punchy quality to it than much of Husayn’s previous work, and Kron’s bars hold their own and prove that White Boiz truly is “Farrakhan meets Flying Lotus.” Listen to the album below, buy it here, and check out our exclusive interview with White Boiz above.



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