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Redman Says Eminem Is Up There With Biggie, Jay Z, And Nas

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Shade 45 had a special moment yesterday when Redman was up in the studio. Eminem called up to salute the Funk Doc, and Redman returned the accolades by saying Em is “ranked up there with Biggie, Jay Z, and Nas.”

Marshall also tells Red a story about when Em went to Jersey to record with the Outsidaz and stopped outside Redman’s house. He snapped a picture at the time and just found the old photo a couple weeks ago.

Reggie also said he was willing to contribute to a project Em is doing where he collects memorabilia from rappers, and Em was incredibly thankful. “You’re one of my favorites of all time,” said Shady, who even agreed to hop on a track for Redman.

Hear their short talk below.

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