Did Jay Z Follow Biggie’s Formula For In My Lifetime Vol. 1?

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Yesterday we heard Irv Gotti talk about why Jay Z didn’t initially believe in DMX at Def Jam, and today Complex dropped the second episode in their “Jewels From Irv Gotti” series.

In part two, Gotti outlines how Jigga chased Biggie’s formula on In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 after the King of NY died. “Biggie died [and Jay Z] went and ran to the Biggie formula,” says Irv. “So he figured, ‘I’ll get all them great records they were about to give Big!’ But that wasn’t his energy. It was a Bad Boy, Hitmen album – ‘Sunshine,’ ‘You Belong To The Streets,’ all that bullshit.”

Irv also comments on how Jay was looking towards DMX as a formula for success. “His Vol. 1 album sold platinum. X comes out and sells five [million]. Now he’s looking for shit. He’s in my office a little bit more now at Def Jam.” Gotti goes on to describe how Jay heard “Can I Get A…” and took the record from Ja Rule.

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