Joe Budden On His Shady CXVPHER Verse: “I Didn’t Want To Do It”

One year ago today Eminem, Royce Da 5’ 9, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden and Yelawolf, celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of Shady Records by releasing the explosive Shady CXVPHER videos. Each MC was filmed in their respective hometown spitting a cappella bars that helped build anticipation for the Shady XV compilation released on  November 24th.

During our interview for Verse Behavior we asked Joe Budden about his very personal verse where he says “Moment of truth, I give you facts right now/ Fuck this cypher, my mind ain’t on rap right now/ so it’s fuck metaphors, punches, all the witty shit/ Gota missing uncle and another need a kidney flip/Face says I been stressed/I got an aunt getting her ass kicked by MS.”

“I spoke to Royce around that time and just let him know that I didn’t want to do it,” Joe says of the verse now. His family was going through a series of issues and he wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to perform. “I didn’t want anybody to take it personally, but the space I’m in and where my mind is and all that’s happening in my life I don’t have time to go on a bridge and rap.”

So how did Royce convince him to do it? Watch the video above.

We also spoke to Joe about his earliest days as an MC, his very dense rhyme structure and transitioning from rhyme cyphers to making songs.

“When I first got my deal I had never made a song. That was was something I had to learn throughout this entire process. Being lyrical is one thing but you have to be able to make a song…so much goes into being a rapper that people don’t pay mind to.”

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