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Young Thug Says He’s The “Michael [Jackson]” To Future’s “Tito”


UPDATE: Young Thug says he has nothing against Future.



Producer Metro Boomin’s thumping production is some of the craziest music coming out of Atlanta at the moment, and he’s using his new lofty position in the industry to toss some shade.

Yesterday (November 9), the “Jumpman” producer, currently on tour with Chance The Rapper, took to Twitter in a long-winded rant on mixtape quality control and told the hip-hop world that not everyone can be like Future:


Earlier this morning (November 10), fellow Atlanta hip-hop figurehead Young Thug took offense to Boomin’s rant and ditched all pretense toward subtlety by called him out directly:

Thug did recently put out two tapes in his Slime Season series over the course of the last few months, but Metro’s rant is one massive subtweet, so there’s any number of people that he could be talking about.

Does this mean that Metro Thuggin is being shelved now?

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