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Bang ‘Em Smurf Warns Rick Ross That 50 Cent Has Goons Who Will “Do Anything For Him”

Bang ‘Em Smurf and 50 Cent were once tight, but they became rivals after 50 found success. In 2004 their issues boiled over at Summer Jam 2004, where an all-out brawl between their two crews took place.

Now Bang ‘Em Smurf is warning Rick Ross about taunting 50. In a new interview, Smurf had this to say:

“A nigga like 50 will take it to the next level. You can’t play with a nigga like him unless you’re ready to get into a shootout or bang out. You can’t play with that nigga. That nigga got goons that’ll do anything for him.”

Hear the whole interview above.


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