Spike Lee Continues To Polarize With First Chi-Raq Music Video


Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq has been a hotbed of controversy ever since the trailer dropped last week. Reactions from Spike Lee fans, Chicago residents, and Twitter were mixed at best, and Spike replied with a video explaining that the upcoming film is a satire and that he’ll be showing reverence to gun violence in Chicago.

Today (November 11), “WGDB,” a song from the film’s soundtrack, got a Spike Lee-directed music video that’s only going to fan the flames. Written and performed by Pastor Kevon Carter, the song is a sentimental orchestral ballad that asks for compassion toward the death of Amari Brown and points the finger at the Black community and asks “What’s the use of saying Black Lives Matter if we’re gonna kill ourselves?” Black-on-black crime is always the first retort to police/gang violence that’s waved in people’s faces (“We’re the only race that shoots and kills ourselves”) whenever Black Lives Matter is brought up, and the flag is flying high in this church. It’s hard to tell whether or not this is part of the satire, but I have a feeling it’s not.

Watch it for yourself below.

WGDB – Kevon Carter from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

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