Irv Gotti Says He Should Have Made His Version of The Chronic In Response to 50 Cent

In the third installment of Complex’s “Jewels From Irv Gotti,” the former head of Murda Inc describes how he could have taken the heat off of Ja during his beef with 50 Cent and shifted the spotlight to protect his flagship artist.

“It was time for me to make an album, and I know this sounds crazy, but I should have Dr. Dre’d it,” says Gotti. “It would have helped the Murda Inc foundation.”

He says Tommy Mottola, then the head of Sony Music, was ready to give Ja Rule his own label and release an Irv Gotti album. Since Cadillac Tah and Black Child weren’t big enough to take attention off of Ja, Irv could have done that with his own album. After all, the model was there with Biggie executive producing on Puffy’s No Way Out.

Watch Irv break it down above. If this had gone down, do you think it would have changed the outcome of 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s beef?

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