Mike Tyson Finally Gets His Balrog On In Ip Man 3 Trailer

Well Go USA Entertainment released the trailer for Ip Man 3, the third film in the series about Yip Man (Donnie Yen), the Chinese martial artist who popularized the Wing Chun style and who taught Bruce Lee. The film, in the planning stages since 2012, will focus on Man and Lee’s relationship, with Lee being portrayed by Kwok-Kwan Chan.

But that’s not even the most surprising thing about this sequel. The trailer also revealed that Mike Tyson will be co-starring in the film as a property developer by day and a street fighter by night. Tyson’s participation is especially funny considering that in the Japanese version of Street Fighter IIthe character we know as Balrog was originally called M. Bison as a deliberate parody of the boxing legend, but afraid of a lawsuit, publisher Capcom switched the name of the final boss to M. Bison in the American port of the game.

Either way, Tyson and Balrog will be one in the same when this movie drops on January 22, 2016.  Check out the trailer above.

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