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Missy Elliott & Pharrell Do It “WTF (Where They From)” In Their New Video

*UPDATE 2*: The official video for Missy’s new song “WTF (Where They From)” just dropped on YouTube. She’s been gone for a while, but with Missy looking rejuvenated and ready to rock over a thumping Pharrell beat (bonus points for the most creative way to get a featured artist in a video without actually having them *be* in the video), it’s like she never left. Welcome back, Missy.
*UPDATE 1: The snippet is upon us! Here’s a portion of the new song from MNF last night.*


There are few albums in the world of music more anticipated that Missy Elliott’s followup to her 2005 album The Cookbook, and she’s beginning to take baby steps back into the spotlight after a long fight with Graves’ disease. Tonight, she’s apparently got a Pharrell-assisted song premiering on Monday Night Football:


No more needs to be said. Just wait for the ear candy on Monday Night Fooball tonight (October 26) on ESPN.

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