Dear Artists: You’re Doing E-Mail Wrong

Dear Artists,

We’re bringing this to you in order to help with the frustration that can sometimes come with walking the proverbial tightrope of information that most people in the industry want you to know but are not going to bother to tell you.

Unfortunately, industry professionals will expect you to know how to play the game by the rules. However, they’re not going to take the time to tell you what those rules are. They will continue to watch you make mistake after mistake, and in turn they will penalize you for not knowing the mistakes that you are making. Sound fair? Of course not, but fair or not that is how things are done.

So, over the next few weeks we are going to point some of these things out to you. We’re going to show you what you’re doing wrong and give you examples of how to do things in a way that gives you a better shot at success!

The best place to start would be with emails. Emails are what artists most frequently screw up from jump and these errors tend to linger the longest. Because of this, we will spend a generous amount of time this topic!

Now, when you don’t know someone and you are sending them your music, what  you’re actually doing is asking them to do you a favor by listening to it.  We know everyone thinks their music is the best and that may even be true. But, if you don’t follow the rules that coincide with sending your music to those you want to play it or write about it then the likelihood of them deleting it is quite high.

Therefore, before you do anything else you need to make sure that you are sending this music to the proper person. If you send it to someone who is not supposed to receive it or who does not wish to receive it, you are begging for your email to hit their recycle bin! And if you send it to  someone who has stressed that they better not receive unsolicited music or submissions then you are not only asking to have your music trashed, at that point the person may remember you for all the wrong reasons. So, follow the rules and only reach out to those who have asked for it.

As for acquisition, be sure that you are obtaining email addresses the proper way. This excludes purchasing email addresses off of the internet! You should never send music to anyone who has not personally given you an email address or who has not posted their address for you to send music to!  This is considered SPAM and to some it’s actually viewed as an invasion of privacy! Also, some of you may stumble upon a list of emails from someone who neglected to BCC their recipient list. This may seem like a goldmine of addresses but proceed with caution! If you don’t mind risking being blocked or even black listed then by all means send your new joint on over, but if you want to demonstrate respect for the individual you are asking to take part in your musical journey then give them the courtesy of following the rules that they have set forth.

Lastly, frequency. Sending daily emails to anyone about your music is never a good idea. You are not seen as tenacious, you’re just annoying. If they have responded to acknowledge they received it, give them at least a week to follow-up. If they haven’t responded a daily reminder is not going to make them more enthused about opening your correspondence.

Next week, we’ll cover the most daunting but most important parts of sending your music out….formatting! Do it wrong and no one will ever hear your work but do it right and the masses have a much better chance of getting your ear candy delivered to them!


Until Next Week Your Pal,

Skyyhook (@SkyyhookRadio)

C.O.O, ATW Recordings

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