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Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats Have Squashed Their Beef

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*UPDATE* It looks like Tyler and Hodgy worked things out. Gotta give them props for handling the situation like grownups and then hand-standing it out.

Fuck you Tyler

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This past weekend, the fourth annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival for Odd Future went down, and it wasn’t without a hitch. Hodgy Beats, half of MellowHype, apparently had some harsh words for Tyler, The Creator during his early set. People online are saying he was ranting and raving during his performance, and some footage has leaked of his antics: https://twitter.com/TheGorgeousGoon/status/666080146256961536 Today Hodgy took to Instagram and Twitter to get some further thoughts off his chest:


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At the festival, Hodgy allegedly said he’s leaving Odd Future to start his own record label. His Twitter bio currently reads “CEO of Mind Gone Rekords.” He even seems to have gotten his huge OFWGKTA tattoo blacked out.

When Tyler finally came onstage later to perform, he seemed angry. “Niggas got me fucked up,” said Tyler. “I put too many niggas on. I helped too many of my motherfucking friends out, and then it’s gon’ come foul? You know who the fuck I’m talking about nigga, And yeah this is getting real, I love you though.”

You can see Tyler say that below. People initially thought he was taking shots at Earl, but he later confirmed that he wasn’t on Twitter. Looks like these kids are growing up.

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