Watch Busta Rhymes Attack A Gym Employee With A Protein Shake


UPDATE: Video of Busta’s incident has surfaced. Watch it below.

Everyone’s favorite dungeon dragon Busta Rhymes was arrested last night (August 5) after a scuffle with a gym worker went south. Busta got into a heated argument with the Steel Gym employee, which led to Busta’s strawberry protein drink finding its way upside the worker’s head.

NBC News 4 reports that Busta had argued with the same work the day before when he refused to let Busta bring a cameraman in to record his workout. The next day, they got into another argument, which led to splashing water and the protein drink flying, which left a cut on the worker’s head. Busta was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, but released last night and ordered to show up in court this November.

We can expect some greatness coming from Busta after this, if his Instagram is to be believed.

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