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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Black Opera Want To Be “Rich Like You”

The Black Opera is poised for another great year as they offer up their third set of visuals from their latest LP, The Great Year. The “Rich Like You” video flaunts an irreverent bounce, but in true TBO form they pack a message between the BPMS. There is a tenuous relationship between fans and the artists they admire and aspire to be when they may have so little themselves. They spit: “I heard your single you was rappin’ ‘bout that shiny stuff/ You said that I could get it too if I grind enough/But then you laughed in my face holdin’ your diamonds up That was kinda rough, you know that times is tough.”

“With ‘Rich Like You’ you could interpret it as us calling out rappers and bashing them, bad mouthing them, or slandering them, and that could be true and relevant,” member Jamall Bufford told us in our Verse Behavior interviewBut moreso with ‘Rich Like You’ we wanted to get inside the mind of the youth that’s really dealing with these struggles in their community and really all they have is rap music. It’s them listening to these songs and just wanting to look up to something. Like where can I get a glimmer of hope from? It might be Rick Ross, it might be 2Chainz, it might be Lil’ Wayne, it might be Raekwon, it might be Common. Sometimes this is all they have, so I think what I was really trying to express was that admiration can sometimes steer you the wrong way. ”

Each member released solo projects this summer (Legend Has It  and Freedom Is)  and make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for the forthcoming compilation album from The Black Opera titled Protect The Code, set for release on Black Friday.


Cop the “The Great Year” on iTunes here.


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