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De La Soul’s …And The Anonymous Nobody Has A Release Date


Anticipation is building for De La Soul’s Kickstarter-backed project …And The Anonymous Nobody, which was supposed to be released back in September, and more than halfway through November, people are starting to ask questions. The group updated their Kickstarter page with some big news, including that the album will be released on April 29, 2016.

“Releasing a record independently has been a real undertaking,” De La addressed in a statement on their Kickstarter page. “In addition to artistic satisfaction, the administrative and executive end had to feel right as well. Side artist clearances and appropriating the best distribution for this project has been just as important. With negotiations complete, we are now working on the plan for our awaited release. Thank you all for your patience.”

They also revealed the song rollout for the album; the loosie track “Train Wreck” is coming in late December, followed by “Pain,” the first official single from the album featuring Snoop Dogg. Fan reactions from both the Los Angeles and New York listening parties have ruminated on how personal and “different” the album’s sound is from previous albums, even 2004’s The Grind Date, which already saw them heading in a different direction 11 years ago.  

We’ve waited this long, so what’s another 5 months and change?

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