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Scott Storch: “I Regret The Way I Treated Dr. Dre”

Scott Storch is an incredible talent known for classic beats and, unfortunately, a somewhat botched career. Last year reports of his bankruptcy were all over the internet, but now he’s bouncing back with the huge Rick Ross and Chris Brown single “Sorry.”

Talking to HipHopWired, Storch says he burned a couple bridges during his drug-induced days, and one of those bridges was with Dr. Dre.

“It was a good six year run of just making up for being locked up in the studio since I was sixteen,” says Storch about his partying days. “Drugs came into play, and I went in.

“I regret the way I treated Dr. Dre,” he goes on, “after he so graciously opened up the doors to his kingdom to me. I know the mistakes I made were 100% drug induced and I just feel like that relationship isn’t over and I hope to work with him in the future. Hopefully he can accept me back into his graces.”

Storch also says that Che Pope, previous president of G.O.O.D. Music (before Pusha T took over), is helping to run Storch’s new CCS company as well. Storch might even be working with Kanye.

Watch the whole interview above, and peep “Sorry” below.

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