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Bun B Claims Lil’ B Got His Cooking Dance From Pimp C

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Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale was recently fired after only 12 games, and Lil’ B was quick to attribute the sudden exit to his curse on James Harden for stealing the cooking dance. But one Houston legend disputes Lil’ B’s claim on the dance, saying it was actually created by another Houston icon.

Bun B tells TMZ that it was actually Pimp C who created the cooking dance, not Lil’ B.

“I’ve known Lil B since he was in the Pack,” said Bun. “I support him musically. But we don’t buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance] not Lil B. We don’t stand for that.”

Lil’ B responded to Bun, claiming he’s got love for the UGK rapper but thinks he’s wrong. Bun said they’d have to “respectfully agree to disagree.”

So is Bun right? It’s hard to say, but there are a couple examples of Pimp doing the dance, like this gif of Pimp doing it while performing “Murder,” or when he hits it in Tela’s “Bye Bye Haters” video below at the 1:00 mark.

Of course, the weirdest part of all this is how Lil’ B admitted that he got the cooking dance from Choppa. In 2011 he told Nardwuar (2:43 mark below) that Choppa did the dance in one of his videos and Lil’ B created the official cooking dance from that.

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