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Rick Ross Says He’s One Of The Biggest Ghostwriters In Rap Right Now

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MMG head honcho Rick Ross has kept pretty quiet during Meek Mill and Drake’s beef, but on his upcoming new album Black Market, Ross opens up about writing a couple rhymes for other rappers himself.

He’s got a song on the album called “Ghostwriter” and in a new interview with TIME he said, “I finally wrote a record telling the way it feels for me to be a ghostwriter, and not only a ghostwriter, but one of the biggest in the rap game. Because of my own personal success I’ve always been able to keep that in the shadows. On this record, I just felt it was so current. It was needed.”

So who do you think Ross has written for? He came up on Slip-n-Slide in the mid-00s with Trick Daddy and Trina, so he might have helped some of his labelmates at the time, but seeing how he’s developed a pretty unique style in recent years, it should be easy to tell who he’s penned rhymes for. Let us know who you think he’s written for in the comments below, plus listen to his new record with Nas, “One Of Us.”


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