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N.O.R.E. Talks Urban Legend of Big Pun Hitting Jay Z Over The Head With A Bottle

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N.O.R.E. – a man of a million stories and one of the most unique flows in hip-hop history – sat down with Tax Stone for the latest episode of the Tax Season podcast, and when asked if it was true that Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle, he replies, “Yeah, absolutely.”

“Don’t get it twisted,” says Noreaga, “Roc-A-Fella was hitting niggas in the head with bottles too. Them niggas was wilding!” He goes on to talk about going on tour with the Roc and watching Flex (Fat Joe’s former manager, not Funkmaster Flex) and Hov’s associate Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith get into an argument at the Connecticut stop on the tour about whether Pun or Jay would close the show.

At the next show in New York shit popped off, and according to N.O.R.E., Pun was “football tackling all them niggas…he was hittin’ niggas in the head with a bottle. Joe and Jay still haven’t gotten over that.”

If you listen closely, N.O.R.E. doesn’t say outright, “Pun hit Jay in the head with a bottle,” but listen to the interview above (starting at around 50:03) and hear N.O.R.E’s version of what happened for yourself.

Cuban Link has given a different account of the story in the past, as well as claiming that Pun and Joe once chased Jay around a couch. Hear that below.

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