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Chief Keef Suspended From Greek Billionaire’s FilmOn Record Label Due To “Shady Management”

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UPDATE: David has issued a statement to Billboard. “Keef has a seven-album 360 deal with FilmOnTV. We are committed to making his career the best that it can be. We also have about 70 new songs recorded. A lot of these are major bangers. His management needs to understand that we could sell this package to someone else then they will have to deal less loving attitudes.”

Earlier this year, Chief Keef signed with Greek billionaire Alki David’s FilmOn TV record label, a multimedia company that helped fund the Chicago rapper’s bizarre (and often botched) hologram shows. Keef released the two part Bang 3 album on the record label and seemed to have a faithful benefactor in David.

But yesterday Vlad TV reported that David suspended Keef from the label due to Keef’s “shady management.”

“Chief Keef’s contract was suspended 2 weeks ago because his management went off and did a tour without our approval,” David apparently told Vlad. “Not happy with the direction they are taking him.”

David felt that Keef’s management was keeping him from reaching greater heights. “Same sh*t over and over,” he says. “Limiting his appeal to a wider audience and I’m not saying he should sell out, just be more prolific.”‘

David also pointed to Keef making “unsanctioned videos with child sex traffickers,” a reference to Keef’s “Let It Blow” video with Las Vegas rapper D. Flores, who was recently charged with allegedly kidnapping and forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution.

FilmOn has also decided to repo Keef’s BMW i8. Nonetheless, David still believes in his potential, saying “I don’t blame Keith – I blame his shady management – Keith is a f****** rap superstar.”

Watch the “Let It Blow” video below.

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